In this research, we make use of location data seen in Real-Time Bidding (RTB) environments. We have proposed and empirically evaluated a new social-targeting design for effective, privacy-friendly mobile advertising. Specifically, the new social-targeting design uses location data from mobile devices (smart phones, smart pads, laptops, etc.) to create user/device cohorts, which then can be used (1) to target advertisements in a manner that is both effective and privacy friendly, and (2) to evaluate campaigns across multiple channels. A short summary of this work can be found here.

This is joint work with Foster Provost (NYU) and EveryScreen Media (a DStillery company).

Some recent publications:

A scatterplot of a sample of GPS locations captured from mobile devices (note that there is no map). It provides an image of regions with intensive mobile browsing, including interesting mobile usage in Antarctica.