David Martens
Research Director
Research Topic: Predictive data mining for marketing and finance
Jellis Vanhoeyveld
Research Topic: Data mining for tax fraud detection
Stiene Praet
Research Topic: Political news in the social media age: a data mining approach
Yanou Ramon
Research Topic: Explaining classification models for behavioral big data and text data
Sam Pinxteren
Research Topic: Mining and exploiting interaction patterns in networks
Associated Researchers
Hans Naudts
Economic analyst at European Commission, DG ECFIN, Policy Strategy and Coordination Directorate/Country Directorate
Stephan Van der Veeken
Research topic: outlier detection
Former Researchers
Bart Minnaert
Now: Junior Consultant at Verotech
Enric Junqué de Fortuny
Now: Assistant Professor NYU Shangai
Dieter Devlaminck
Now: CTO at Predicube
Julie Moeyersoms
Now: Data Scientist at AXA
Marija Stankova
Now: Data Scientist at AXA
Ellen Tobback
Now: Data Scientist at AXA
Sofie De Cnudde
Now: Data Scientist at ASOS