Belgian Economic Policy Uncertainty

The charts below show the daily, respectively monthly average number of news articles on economic policy uncertainty, published by Flemish newspapers. The news articles that refer to policy uncertainty are automatically detected using a prediction model that is created by the Applied Data Mining research team at the University of Antwerp, in collaboration with CLiPS. The resulting index is a proxy of economic policy uncertainty as perceived by Flemish media.

The daily values of the index can be downloaded from this site and can be used for research purposes. A reference list with related research will be kept, so feel free to send us a reference to the paper that includes your analyses using this data.

Please select a day in the top chart to see the highest ranked article of the day, i.e. the article with the most references to policy uncertainty. The word cloud at the bottom of the page represents the terms that appear most frequently in the news articles on policy uncertainty during the selected year or day.

More information on the methodology can be found in our working paper.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to changes in the newspapers' websites, not all articles can be scraped at the moment. As a result, the EPU-values from November 2016 up to now do not correctly reflect economic policy uncertainty . We are working on updating our webcrawlers and will update the EPU-index as soon as possible.

EPU trend

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